Buy plasticizer, superplasticizer for concrete

Sodium naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate is the sodium salt of naphthalene sulfonate polymerized with formaldehyde, also called sodium naphthalene formaldehyde (SNF), poly naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde (PNS), naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde (NSF), water based naphthalene reducer high-ranking, superplasticizer naphthalene.

Naphthalene sodium formaldehyde is a chemical synthesis of non-air entertaining superplasticizer, which has a strong dispersibility in cement particles, thus produces concrete with high early and last strength.As a high-rank water reducing additive, formaldehyde Sodium naphthalene has been used extensively in prestressing, precast, bridge, deck, or any other concrete where it is desired to keep the water / cement ratio to a smallest, but still realise the degree of workability essential to offer easy assignment and consolidation. Sodium naphthalene sulfonate Malaysia can be added directly or after dissolved. It can be added during mixing or added directly to freshly mixed concrete. The recommended dosage is 0.75-1.5% by weight of cement.



1. Widely used in precast and prepared concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete in key construction projects, such as urban planning projects, dam and port construction, road construction and erections and housing, etc.

2. Suitable for the preparation of early strength, high strength, high anti-seepage and self-sealing and pumpable concrete.

3. Use with and widely for self-curing, steam-cured concrete and its formulations. In the first phase of application, very prominent effects are shown. As a result, the modulus and location of use can be drastically omitted, the steam curing procedure on peak hot summer days is omitted. Statistically 40-60 metric tons of coal are conserved when one ton of material is consumed.

4. Compatible with Portland cement, normal Portland cement, slag Portland cement, fly ash cement, and pozzolanic Portland cement etc.


Due to the high dispersion force and low foaming characteristics, SNF has also been widely used in other industries as an anionic dispersing agent.

Dispersing agent for dispersing, vat, reactive and acid dyes, textile dyeing, wettable pesticide, paper, electroplating, rubber, water-soluble paint, pigments, oil extraction, water treatment, carbon black, etc.

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