Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why is this important?It’s difficult for me to carry things without plastic bags.

I’m too dependent on plastics.I keep forgetting to bring a shopping bag?

What about when I buy food from warungs and bazaars?

What do I do with all the plastic bags at home?

Why not provide alternatives such as oxo-biodegradable and paper bags?

Why charge RM0.20 and not impose a total ban instead?

What Type of Bags?

Is it true that a minimum of RM0.20 per plastic bag will be charged to consumers regardless of size, type or thickness?

How much should consumers be charged for one plastic bag?

What is the maximum charge if thick, expensive plastic bags are provided?

Are we allowed to use normal, non-recyclable plastic bags?

Are oxo-biodegradable plastic bags categorised as plastic bags as well?

Food Containers

Can paper plates and cups be used instead?


When is the official enforcement date of this policy?

What is the penalty for failing to comply with this policy?

How will this policy be enforced?

Where does the RM0.20 go to?

If retailers breach the policy, will they be fined for each breach, or will fines be accumulated per month?

Does direct selling among friends fall under the same policy?

Is the fine given out to consumers or retailers?

Is the policy applicable only to the public sector?

Exemptions Some food pallets for items such as dry pet food are on the exempted list.

Some of our products come in packet packaging.

Will retailers be be fined?

Is there a list of products that are exempted from the plastic bag policy?

Rational of this Policy Many restaurants in Selangor have replaced polystyrene containers with polypropylene (PP) boxes, which aren’t covered by the Bebas Plastik policy.

These boxes still amount to plastic waste and are costlier.

How is this alternative better for the environment?

Why 7 days? How is the government ensuring that business owners, authorities and the public are properly informed of the policy?

Isn’t there the possibility of an increase in waste at the landfills after the ban if people turn to other bag and container alternatives instead of bringing their own bags.

The authorities must not just focus only on banning plastic.

It must be paired with active and aggressive awareness activities to change people’s mindset and attitude in the long run.

What is the government’s plan to address this?

Alternative biodegradable food containers are expensive.

Won’t this create cost burdens on both retailers and consumers?