Freelance Businesses You Can Do From Your Home

Flexibility is the norm now. Even our normal 9-5 has started adapting itself into the new norm of flexibility. People crave the ability to stay home and earn money from the comfort of their own time and place. Having to be stuck in the same place for a year on end is dreaded among many millennials and the older generation Z.

With the change in norms, there is a major influx of remote jobs available. Given the situation of the world right now, we have more than enough jobs for everyone looking for a remote job. Some countries are even offering a visa to people who are working remotely for their country. This is perhaps the biggest sign of flexibility setting into the world of work and productivity. 

So what are some jobs that we can do from the comfort of our home? Whether you are a metal roof expert or a carpenter, there are remote positions for you available.


As a blogger, we have the potential to earn from thousands to millions. There is more than one form of blogging and thousands of niches we can choose from. If you have a certain expertise in a topic or a field, you can specialize in blogging and monetizing the blog to earn money from home. You can also earn money through blogging by using affiliate marketing. By having your own platform, and your own audience, you can choose to define the type of product you advertise and affiliate with to earn money in the long run. 

The affiliation also must be related to something related to your niche. A beauty guru or a fitness instructor can promote supplements while it may seem ridiculous for someone specializing in diving and other sea sports advertising makeup. Most certainly not because the individual may know or not know about it. Because the audience for each blog and target market is different. 

Virtual Assistant 

Thousands of people around the world need an assistant. And it can be a bit of an obstacle to hiring a physical assistant because that would mean you need to provide an office and have tangible elements. A virtual assistant is a perfect solution for many busy business owners, CEOs, executives, and freelancers as well. They can help you keep track of the administrative work, build relationships, aid in paperwork and so many more menial tasks and daily tasks that we simply don’t have time for. 


Do you know a language other than your mother tongue? Being bilingual can become the best thing that happened to you. There are many people around the world looking for translators for their business as well as their personal life. If you perhaps know 2-3 languages you can look for a remote job as a translator for other freelancers and companies. 


Being a consultant can be done online and from the color of your home. Many prefer to get their advice online and this is your opportunity to utilize this aspect to your advantage. It can be hard to brand yourself and stand out, but if you have the expertise and specialty in a particular niche, people will be interested to hear what advice you have to give, and what you can strategize for them. 

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