Hobbies You Can Try If You Have Mental Health Issues

Hobbies are something important as they help us unwind from our hectic schedule and kill time. Besides, hobbies can also be helpful to those who have mental health issues like PTSD or depression. Speaking of mental health, it is ignorant for those to label people with mental health issues as crazy or delusional. Those with mental health issues need continuous support and help instead of useless judgement. Some of them could grow up in an abusive household or be forced to go through an abusive relationship with their partner. They would commonly be guided to go for therapy so that they can talk and discuss their mental health issues. There are cases where some people with PTSD or multiple personality disorder went through years of therapy before they are 100% healed. 

Hence, hobbies can be a good thing for them to distract their mind from overthinking about their traumatic experiences. Let’s move on to some of the hobbies you can try if you have mental health issues.

Online Gaming

With how developed the development has been, it is easy for us to enjoy entertainment sites such as top online casino malaysia. Besides gambling, many people enjoy online gaming during their free time. It is a good hobby that can make you forget about your problems once you get into it. Besides, many games allow multiplayer features where you can interact and communicate with your teammates as you play the game online. This is good for you to heal as you can communicate with other people. Human interaction can be helpful as a good interaction can boost your mood and help you feel accepted. Besides, games can help you entertain yourself as you do not get bored easily through this hobby. Many games come with great gameplay and plot that you can figure out as you play the game to the end. This could probably be the reason why so many people enjoy online gaming. People from all ranges of age can be seen having online gambling as a hobby nowadays. Isn’t it obvious that online gaming is a suitable hobby to try if you have mental health issues?


If you have trouble being near people and talking, perhaps you could also try gardening. Besides helping you exercise, it is a great hobby that makes you sweat. Exercising can be helpful for you to help with your mental health. The fragrance from flowers and plants you are planting would not only make you feel happy, but it can also guide you to positive thoughts. Furthermore, gardening means you can have a safe space for yourself. This is super helpful in treating mental health issues as you can think and spend your time alone in a positive environment. Instead of staying in your room all day, it might make you more depressed as you might feel lonely and depressed.


Some people with mental health issues have slow progress with their therapists as they find it hard to tell about their traumatic experiences. If you are facing the same problem, then you should try writing often. Having this as your hobby will be helpful for your recovery as it could be a platform for you to write about your emotions and experiences on paper. It could help you to feel more comfortable to open up to your therapists if you write often. Keep a journal or diary so that it would help you to keep track of your progress.

Last Words

In conclusion, there is nothing wrong with you picking up hobbies as a way to distract yourself from thinking about your mental health issues. Remember that you deserve to feel comfortable in doing whatever you want to in your life. Hence, ask for help and enjoy your hobbies as you heal from your mental health issues,