How Do Buildings Maintain Their Durability

It goes without saying, but housings are important as they provide one of the most important aspects of living; shelter. A housing can provide protection against harsh weathers and allow their hosts to store their desired objects and expand their family. As the human population continues to expand at a rapid rate, more constructions are happening around the world to accommodate the ever increasing population. Additionally, the advancement of technology has allowed construction companies to create sturdier and more creative structures that we see today. The Burj Khalifa is one of humanity’s greatest structures as it stands at 829.8 meters in Dubai, 2009 and has protected its title since its completion.

Without the help and supply of chemical manufacturer malaysia, we will not be able to witness some of the most marvelous structures standing today. One of the great examples is paint as it serves more than just changing the colors of walls. Paint helps to provide resistance to walls against certain weather conditions that they would be prone to due to the environment they are built in. Anti-corrosion paints are used on metal structures to provide resistance against corrosion which they are exposed to due to the environment and conditions they are built in. It is also cheap and last long for a long period of time, which would only require a repaint once every few decades

Besides that, concrete helps to shape a building and provides a durable structure which will be able to hold hundreds, if not thousands of tons worth of weight. Just like paint, there are types of concrete that are used that are suitable to the structure’s environment and purpose. For example, the polymer concrete is one of the most commonly used concrete used in building high rise buildings these days as the epoxy found in this concrete, making it more durable than any other concrete in addition to bonding with other concrete and metal surfaces. The polymer concrete boasts multiple resistances against various conditions such as freezing, thawing, corrosion and abrasion, making it the ideal concrete to build houses in almost any environment. 

Despite that, there are some companies who prefer to use old ways of constructing buildings to preserve tradition or have a unique way to apply modern techniques to create unique structures. Kengo Kuma & Associates is one of the most popular architect firms in the world who specializes in creating wooden structures. The Yusuhara Wooden Bridge Museum is one of their most popular structures as it serves to literally bridge the gap between two public buildings that were separated by a large gap before Kengo Kuma & Associates’ involvement. Although some high rise building designs are amazing, some smaller structures deserve attention as well since they have more creative freedom and space to create more interesting structures.

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