Malaysian Palm Oil

Malaysia is known as one of the exporters of Sustainable Malaysian Palm Oil. In malaysia there exists MSPO or also known as Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil which is a type of certification given to those who are chain suppliers also as manufacturers of palm oil in Malaysia. This certification scheme is introduced to ensure that the quality of our palm oils are maintained. Our palm oil industry is booming, in 2017 it was recorded over RM15 Billion in profits and will be increasing even up to now. Malaysian palm is said to be the cheapest vegetable oil on the market is used in everything from our food processing to our cleaning products and more, and plays a big role in mostly everything.

Palm oil was first introduced to us when we were occupied by the British. They brought over palm trees that originated from Africa. In the early 90’s, it was around this time they have started to make plantations and it became the business it is known now by oil palm plantations all over the nation. Palm oil plantations are still visible to us and still occupy many of the lands that can be seen next to highways. Companies like Sime Darby are a big corporation that carries out Palm Oil Processing and this company was bought by the Malaysian government and nationalised.

To extract palm oil there are a few necessary processes that must be done to the palm fruits in hope to extract the oil. After the fruit bunches are harvested from the palm tree, they are separated from the stems with a process that is called threshing. The fruits go through an important and vital process that is sterilisation or boil the threshed flesh with high-steam pressure so that it gets rid of enzymes to split the oil. This is to pressure and extracting the oil from the flesh. After it dries they will send the oil to the storage for further processing in order to get a quality palm oil fertiliser.