PIGEON: Malaysia’s Best Online Baby Store

Search online for Malaysia’s best online baby store and hundreds of thousands of results will come up. Experiencing a newborn baby can be terrifying, especially if this is your first time. Getting the best out of the baby care essentials to even learning to become parents itself can be challenging. You need to be prepared to experience the shift in your lifestyle. This is where teamwork and trust in your partner play a big role. Experiencing this together as a couple will definitely help to go through the phase. 

There are tips for stressed-out parents that they use that can be handy for the new parents. Remember to always go with the flow. Expect a shifting of emotions as you might go from adoring to annoyed within seconds. Work with your partner and discuss the matter. One thing that could work is to start a schedule together. That way, you can balance between work and rest and the process will be much easier. Do not be shy to accept any trusted help that was offered to you. Even superheroes need help, not much of us as the new parent. Nurture the relationship with your infant. Things like closeness and physical contact can help you bond a loving relationship with them. And do not be afraid to ask for help as things like consulting with professionals or loved ones can be great to help you deal with the process. Do not compile yourself with all the stress as it can be very harmful to you emotionally and physically. 

Malaysia's best online baby store

Go and get the best baby essentials at Malaysia’s best online baby store, PIGEON. From breastfeeding to bottle-feeding wipes and wet tissues, skincare, cleaning, and sterilization, oral care, hygiene, even healthcare, PIGEON got you covered. For more than half a century, PIGEON has been dedicated to producing the best in maternity products and that is how they are able to create high-quality, low-cost items. Yuichi Nakata, the company’s founder, aimed to construct an artificial nipple. He also wanted to develop a variety of other things with PIGEON. PIGEON was founded in 1957 in Japan with the goal of providing high-quality, convenient, and affordable maternity needs, and now they are a reputable company with operations in more than 40 countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

In today’s market, PIGEON is Malaysia’s best online baby store and still thriving until this day. The double heart is represented by their logo as they hope to transmit this message around the world through their quality products. They conducted their research with world-renowned scientists. They are passionate about bringing the revolution in mother and newborn care products to life and people at PIGEON have conducted extensive studies, and detailed market research to identify demand and supply gaps. They also gathered information and inspiration for the entire organization through innovation and PIGEON has progressed with time and technology in its development and research. For example from cameras in infant bottles to ultrasonic echos research. With articles and guides that they provide online, PIGEON is the one-stop place for top-quality motherhood and baby care essentials around the world. Hence making them Malaysia’s best online baby store.