Why Buy A Property in Malaysia

Property in Malaysia

Why you should buy it?

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The shelter is one of the basic needs of a person, without shelter, it is almost impossible to undertake your businesses or work. Most people work hard to be able to buy their own home. Before thinking of other things, one must have a home first. For example, before a single person can decide to get married or start his own family, he should consider where he would let his family live. No one plans to rent out a house for the rest of his life. Project outlook contains the best properties all around Malaysia. If you are residing in Kuala Lumpur, check out D’Alamanda. If you are planning to move over to other states, check out Bandar Putra Bertam in Penang or Aster Court in Johor.

Every time I watch a game show or a talent show and the winner will be asked what would he or she wants to do with his or prize. Majority of them will answer, they will buy a new house. Everyone wants to own a house because once you have a house you are secured. A house keeps you and your family security and a place to rest. It also gives you peace of mind that your family is safe while you are in your working place.

Freedom & Privacy

One advantage of owning your home is privacy and freedom. If you own your house, you don’t need to worry about over-controlling landlords or housemates who always asks questions. You can be clean or dirty, whatever you want and no one will stop you.

Restriction for foreigners

If you are a foreigner and you are considering buying a house in Malaysia, you must consider a few things. Yes, a foreigner can buy a property in Malaysia. Although there are some restrictions. Foreigners cannot buy Malay-reserved land or agricultural land, or land dedicated and earmarked for Bumiputera needs. If you are a foreigner and you want to buy a property in Malaysia, you must know that there is a minimum investment requirement. Foreigners are only allowed to purchase a property which is over RM1,000,000.

Perfect investment

A house is also a good investment. Whether you are buying the house through a loan or pay it in cash, you are sure that your money is secured. Aside from the fact that owning a house is some sort of security, you are also assured that the value of your property will not depreciate overnight. If you are paying the amortization of your house, it is like forced savings. A property also increases its value over time. You can live in it or you can also sell it at the right price. If you sell your property at the right price, you can get a good profit.

Traditionally, it is always better to own a house rather than to rent out. Our homes are very important because it is where we want to start and grow our family. Ideally, it is also where we want to retire when our children have grown up and have started their own families. For us, our homes should be the safest part of the world. And it is always good to wake up in the morning knowing that the house where you were sleeping is yours.