Why More SPM Students Choose a Diploma Study

Diploma Courses – better than degrees?

Once you are done with your SPM, you will need to start deciding on what step to take. You have your college study in front of you and though, your parents might guide you along the way, but still, at the end of the day, you should still be the one who will make the decision. After all, it will be you who will live the life of your choice.

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In Malaysia, you can either take a foundation or a diploma course. When you say a foundation course, it is a preparatory for a degree course while a diploma, this focuses on skill-related courses. If you will check the statistics, you will realize that more and more SPM graduates choose a diploma study, here are the reasons why:

Why Diploma Courses Are A Popular Choice

  • Compared to a foundation course, you can say that a diploma course has a higher qualification. You see, a foundation course will only take a year while a diploma course will take about 2 to 3 years. With a diploma course, you can make use of this as a complete credentials which is not the case with a foundation certificate.
  • You will be trained effectively with industry related skills which are quite in demand these days. This is just perfect if you are planning to start working right away so you can help your parents. After a diploma course, you can right away pass your applications to relevant companies. Just one thing though, diploma students should expect an internship as part of the course as this will really be included. This is actually good for them as if they do well, they won’t have a hard time looking for a job as they can be absorbed by the company.
  • There are times when a student who took a diploma course will decide to step up and get a degree in the same line. If this is the situation, he will have better position as he has already taken all the basics and even more for that matter. So, he can expect that things will go smoothly for him while his classmates might have a hard time.
  • If you happen to need financial assistance, that would not be a problem with a diploma course as the PTPTN can help you in that aspect. If you will take a foundation or a degree course, this might not be possible. With the PTPTN loan, your tuition and other fees will be covered, and you can focus on your studies. At the same time, you can also free your parents from the worries that they might not be able to send you to school and to give you a good future.

Indeed, if you compare a foundation course to a diploma course, you can say that a diploma course is a lot better in many ways. So, if you think the same way, you should start taking the first step especially that you can also find diploma in information technology courses as well.