Bathing a Newborn Baby

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New parents especially should be equipped with knowledge on how to care for their baby. You can visit baby shampoo malaysia for more details and information. Now back to our main topic which is bathing a newborn baby. A newborn baby should not be bathed everyday. Doing it once or twice a week is enough to ensure cleanliness.

Preparing for a Bathe

Parents need to prepare everything that is needed before washing their baby. There are a few necessary items that we would usually need to ease the process. This is a checklist for what you will need. 

  1. Water

Obviously we need water to bathe. You need to make sure that you use water that is slightly warmer than lukewarm water. 

  1. Warm room

A warm room is used intended to remain the current temperature of the baby. Otherwise, the baby’s system would be shocked because of the sudden change of temperature. 

  1. Clean towels and clothes

Get a few clean towels and place it somewhere that is reachable. One towel can be used as padding for your baby to lie down. Prepare the clothes that you want for your baby. It is up to you to choose anything that you like, as long as it is suitable for the baby and the current weather and temperature. 

  1. A Clean Nappy

Well, you wouldn’t want to reuse the nappy your baby has been using, right? Prepare at least one clean nappy and get it placed within your reach. 

How to Bathe Your Baby

Normally, parents would prefer to give their baby a sponge bath. But if you want to bathe your baby properly, it is up to you to do so. Just make sure that you have prepared all the items mentioned before so that it would be easier for you. Alright, let’s get started. 

  1. Get your baby undressed

Check the water temperature beforehand. Again, do make sure that it is slightly warmer than lukewarm temperature. Then remove your baby’s clothes and wrap the baby in a clean towel. 

  1. Lay your baby on a flat surface

Place a towel or blanket on a flat surface such as the changing table. You can unwrap the towel that only covers the parts that you will be washing to maintain the baby’s body temperature. 

  1. Start at your baby’s head and face area

Wet your clean cloth with warm water without using any soap to avoid getting soap in your baby’s eyes. To clean the eyes, begin with wiping both eyelids from the inside to the outside corner. Then, wipe the head and the areas such as neck folds, outer areas and chin.

  1. Cleaning the body parts
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Before cleaning, don’t forget to drop at least one or two drops of soap in the warm water you have prepared before. Make sure that the soap used is mild and suitable for babies. As usual, dip a clean cloth and wring out excess water. We want the cloth to be damp instead of wet. Then, clean the areas that are prone to get dirty such as the arms, underarms, neck area and behind the ears. The most important area is your baby’s genital area. You should clean the diaper area as well as the fingers too. 

  1. Dry off your baby

After you are done and are sure that you have finished with the cleaning, it’s time to dry your baby off. You wouldn’t want him or her to get cold right? Use a clean towel for that. Then, get a clean diaper and put it on your baby. 

You have now succeeded in bathing your baby. Congratulations again on becoming a parent! You have done a great job so far, so get your chin up!