Building A Customer-centric Workplace

Companies always talk about how important their customer is. Whether we are a server at Mcdonald’s or a head content creator for a digital agency, we hear that customers come first. Indeed, this is true. Customers come first and the company should show it with their actions. Some people call it a day after implementing a CRM software or  SAP cloud platform Malaysia but this is only the beginning. 

The effort to deliver a hundred percent of your business for your customers starts by establishing a good workplace. And this has to be a workplace that is enriched in standards to be customer-centric. 

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The role your employees play in your customer’s journey is a lot bigger than you may anticipate. For example, let’s look at Apple. Apple became one of the brands with the highest brand loyalty in the world simply by establishing the best CRM strategies. CRM meaning customer relationship management. Their customer relationship building did not start and end with product innovations. It was actually surrounded by building a supportive work culture that encourages the employees to be an advocate for the brand and provide excellent customer service. 

Improving the need for customer centrism in the organization is not only for the sake of the customer but also for the productivity of the work environment. Employees are more likely to be motivated to do better when their work is accountable and meaningful. If they understand the impact they have on their customers, they are likely to strive harder and be satisfied with the job they do. Higher workplace satisfaction is cost saving for the company and lower turnover rate, plus on the brighter side, it also generates more revenue. 

So let’s explore the different ways we can implement customer centrism in the workplace culture. 

Hire Wisely 

A lot of companies tend to hire the employees with the best grades or the ones that probably agree to a lowered salary. In many company workplace cultures, there is a custom where they hire interns and have no emphasis on long-term employees. While work gets done, at the end of the day it is important to see if you hired someone that is right for the role. They do not have to be the ones with the 4.0 GPA but they are the ones who are willing to approach customers and take up customer-centric approaches to their daily tasks.

Use External Motivators 

One of the best ways to improve productivity and to reach a certain goal with behavioral modification among employees is by using the power of external motivation factors. Most of the time this factor is about promotions, more money, bonuses, and compensation. Having commission for bringing in new customers or getting salary boosts because you have higher customer interactions is all valid and can be used as a push to improve customer centrism. External factors are not the only thing that can be used to push the employees towards interacting with customers. Internal factors such as recognition, satisfaction also play an incredible role. 

A company that has higher customer centrism is more likely to succeed, be more productive, and have an advantage over its competitors!