Business Accounting

The information provided by financial statements is of great importance for making strategic decisions. For this reason, developing skills to interpret and analyze different types of balance sheets, income statements and financial indicators, is essential for entrepreneurs, managers, administrators and professionals who have management positions.

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This course is aimed especially at people without accounting training and who need to use Financial Accounting as a tool for the direction and management of companies, projects and businesses. Typically, managers have to talk with their accountants, interact with financial experts, attend board meetings, conduct economic and financial analysis, make investment decisions, and of course face a number of other daily situations where handling of accounting terminology and the analysis of balance sheets and income statements is essential to make important decisions.

What you will learn in the Business Accounting Course

At the end of the course you will have acquired the accounting skills to:

  • Analyze relationships between assets, liabilities and equity.
  • Interpret and analyze classified balances.
  • Interpret and analyze result states with different formats.
  • Understand the accounting terminology used by accountants.
  • Describe the relationship between the accounting equation and the operating equation.
  • Analyze relevant accounts of the balance sheet and income statement.
  • Determine contribution margins and break-even points.
  • Interpret and analyze eight-column and six-column balances.
  • Calculate and interpret a series of financial indicators.

Diagnose the economic and financial situation of a company.

If you work in the financial sector, studying a master’s degree in Accounting can help you grow a lot as a professional restaurant management college Malaysia. For that reason, this post is a complete and practical guide about what this graduate program is about, why you should study it, what is the best university available, how much the master’s degree can cost, and other relevant aspects like for Bachelor of Information Technology.

Master of Accounting, How is it?

The master’s in Accounting focuses on preparing professionals to diagnose, analyze and solve accounting and financial problems. Basically, a master in Accounting is in charge of calculating, evaluating and controlling the assets of a company or organization.

In this sense, master’s graduates are capable of designing and developing new methodologies and instruments to collect and study accounting and financial information. On the other hand, they are prepared to also dedicate themselves to university teaching and research, so that they contribute to the training of more professionals.

What Does an Accounting Graduate Do?

This postgraduate course is aimed at graduates of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Business Administration, and the like. After completing the master’s degree, they can work in any kind of public and private companies, from their accounting department. They can also engage in consulting activities.

Within Widad University, a master’s in Accounting is able to review costs and make budgets, which favor the competitiveness of the company. In addition to reviewing and monitoring tax management, to avoid penalties and errors.