Can You Make Gaming As A Career?

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Around a decade ago, many wouldn’t have thought that you can actually make gaming a career. If you were to tell people that your dream career is to be a full-time gamer, many people would think that you deserve to be in a mental institute. 

Fast forward to 2022, you see there are many people who successfully make gaming a full-time job/career. But the question is, is it sustainable?


There is a reason why not many people are confident to go this route is that to make gaming as a career/full-time job, it is actually not stable compared to the conventional jobs. Why? Because a conventional job will guarantee you a monthly salary. Whereas for a professional gamer, your income is solely on tournaments and sponsorships. Some tournaments’ prize pool is way too little to sustain a living. Unless you are a big-time gamer with lots of sponsorship, there is nothing to worry about.

Next, unlike being a sports athlete like a football player, for example, their career is in safe hands as the industry is already well-established. With big sponsorship and extremely high salary, they are set to live comfortably. As for now, esports is still quite unstable where the way it is being managed is not stable like the sports industry. If you are guaranteed a stable monthly income by playing, then you are good to go.


One similar thing about esports and traditional sports is that in order to make it big and to earn money, it has to depend on the type of games you play. If the trend for esports right now is Call of Duty, Fortnite and Pubg. Do not expect to go anywhere far if you invest your time in cooking mama. The same goes for traditional sports, if being a football player or NBA star brings you a lot of money, do not expect to go far if you invest so much time in parkour. Unless one day parkour becomes popular or you do parkour for fun.


The good news is that not all hope is lost. You can make gaming into a full-time career without being a professional. What is it? Well, you can virtue yourself into a world of streaming. That’s right! You can actually live stream yourself playing video games and potentially make a lot of money if you have a big following. Although it is not a must to be a professional gamer, as long as you play decent enough for people to watch. Worse comes to worst than if you are extremely bad at video games, just make sure that you are entertaining enough to bore your viewers.

So what do you need for video game streaming:

  • Dedicated gaming rig
  • Wifi

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So what do you think? Do you think gaming as a career can be more sustainable in the future? If it does, we can guarantee a new type of job as an option.