Causes Of Liver Diseases

Most people think that damages to the liver or liver diseases are mainly caused by a high intake of alcohol. But that is where you are wrong. This is because there are many risk factors that can cause liver diseases. Some are more common than others. Before you find out the symptoms of these diseases or what they will do to you, you need to first identify the causes of liver diseases. There are 3 main causes of liver diseases and they are:

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Not all diseases are caused by external factors or by our healthy lifestyles. There are some liver diseases that are caused by certain genetic conditions. These diseases can be cured, but only if they are detected earlier. For example, hemochromatosis is a liver disease that is caused by excessive storage of iron in the liver. If this condition is not treated at the earliest, it can cause severe damage to the liver. There is also a genetic liver condition that triggers Wilson’s disease. This disease is because of the high storage of copper in your liver, which causes significant damage to your liver.


Just like how COVID-19 is a deadly infectious virus that causes respiratory failure, there is a virus that causes chronic liver diseases too. Hepatitis is the most common cause of liver diseases. Hepatitis is known as a viral infection that attacks the liver which leads to cirrhosis and liver damage or failure. There are 4 types of hepatitis, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D and Hepatitis E. The most fatal hepatitis infections are Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. That is why it is advisable to vaccinate yourself against hepatitis infections because of its fatal consequences.

Unhealthy Dietary Intake

Too much alcohol intake can damage your liver. It leads to cirrhosis, which are tissue scars on the liver and eventually leading to its failure. Not only that, consuming meals high in saturated fats can lead to the fatty liver because of the liver’s inability to function well because of the high amount of fat being stored there. It is also advised by the experts that we should not consume meals that have high salt content. Because too much salt can damage your liver and increase your blood pressure. The liver is in charge of transforming sugars into fatty substances. But too much sugar intake can cause your liver to produce too many fatty substances which can cause fatty liver. So when you are cooking at home make sure that you only use the necessary amount of salt and sugar in your dishes. 

To sum up, these are the main causes of liver diseases in humans. Some of these causes can trigger lifelong chronic liver conditions that the others. That is why to ensure that you do not fall victim to this disease, make sure you change your unhealthy lifestyle into a healthy one. This is so that you can live a healthy life with no suffering or pain related to liver diseases or liver damages because of these causes. You could even consume supplements you could get from Proganic traditional Chinese medicine TCM in Malaysia so that your liver can gain enough nutrients to function well.