Choosing And Buying An Apartment For Rent In The Great Johor Bahru Property

How much did a neighbor get for his apartment in Johor Bahru Property? The free price map reveals the prices of the surrounding apartments. Important information for landlords, whether the purpose is for sale, selection, or rental of an apartment.

The free price map reveals the amounts for which apartment for rent in JB and real estate in your area, have actually been sold. it will show you even the prices sold for real estate in Petaling Jaya or any other location you desire. Need to find out the price of your apartment or are you just wondering how much the property costs around you? Do you want to sell your apartment for the maximum price? Or do you want to buy another apartment, but do not want to overpay unnecessarily?

Which provisions, on the other hand, are completely unnecessary in the lease? These are those that are in conflict with the legal norms of the Civil Code. The Lessor does not have the authority to arbitrarily impose restrictive provisions, such as:

  • ban on using a housing unit with a  child
  • ban on the use of a housing unit with  a pet .

Do not hesitate and insure

We have already written about how to insure an apartment bulletproof in the article How to insure a rented apartment. Household and liability insurance is arranged by the tenant – and that the obligation to establish these insurances may be part of the lease agreement. Failure to establish is not a reason for termination of the contract by the landlord; however, it entitles him to recover damages that would be covered by insurance.”

Can you do it?

Although it may seem at first glance that you can never get through the rental business, don’t worry. Our experts will gradually guide you through the entire process of renting an apartment for example; we will deal with the period when the new tenant has already moved in in the following article. Renting an apartment may be hard work, but we can do it and we enjoy it. And we will teach you just that.

For real estate, their value is determined by supply, demands… and realized sales prices of similar apartments, houses and land in the area. If similar flats in the area were sold for X CZK, this X will have a decisive influence on the price of yours. For buyers / sellers, the price for the surrounding / neighboring apartment is a so-called benchmark and they get the feeling whether your offer is low or high.

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