Essentials For Your Kids First Day In School

Everyone’s first day of school is overwhelming and unnerving. Did you remember the first time you attended school? You were probably nervous and anxious just like the rest of us. It is either that,  or you belonged to a rare group of individuals that were excited for school. Either way, attending school feels just as bad when you send your child to their first day of school. You will be nervous and anxious for them the whole day. You might feel as though a part of you is gone. It is true for the most part. You have been with your child for a couple of years straight, now having them leave the nest can be sad.

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However, before you experience these feelings, you need to ensure that your kid is ready for their school. They will be without you, so you need to make sure that they are ready for anything. When parents aren’t around, children can feel more independent, but that doesn’t mean that you leave them out in the dark. You need to provide them with the essentials and tools necessary to conquer the day ahead.

There are a couple of items you need your kid to have. Of course, you also need to inquire on the schools availability. Ask them what their child needs to bring and what they don’t. When you have determined this, you can now start to purchase the essentials your child needs for their day ahead.

3 compartment lunch box by Tupperware Malaysia

Packed meals

First, you need to pack meals for your child. Particularly if they are fussy with their food. Most children around the age of 5 to 10 tend to be picky with their meals. This is normal behaviour because they are still figuring out their tastes as they grow. However, it can become difficult when they need to consume food from their school’s cafeteria. They might not eat because they are picky. Instead of leaving them with an empty stomach, pack them meals in a lunch box. Lunch boxes are fun, because they allow your child to have multiple options with the food items. They can pick and choose the foods they like. Want to purchase a lunch box for your kid? Check out the 3 compartment lunch box by Tupperware Malaysia

Umbrellas and raincoats 

Next, you can’t go wrong with umbrellas and raincoats. You never know when it is going to rain. The weather can be incredibly fickle nowadays with global warming. Kids can get wet easily, especially if they need to take the bus, or get into a car during the rain. When kids get wet from rainfall, it can cause them to become sick. Their immune systems are still developing, so rain without proper drying will cause them to get flu and fever systems. To avoid this, buy them some raincoats and umbrellas so they can protect themselves from the rain. Plus, you can also teach them about preventative measures. They will be able to think critically and allow themselves to make decisions on their own. The next time they see rain, they will pull out their umbrellas and wear raincoats.