Got Lost In A Giant Mall

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As a person with a sense of direction that is subpar, going to large malls can be a scary experience. I am not sure whether is it just me, or the person planning the layout of the mall is bad. The thing about gigantic shopping malls is their sophisticated layout. On one hand, you are in building A1, then suddenly, you find yourself stranded in building A3. You do not even know how lost you are because you are unfamiliar with the mall.

Having gone to a few shopping malls in Selangor and KL, I have experienced getting lost a couple of times. Often, it can be a scary thing. What is worse is where you can’t find where you park. There is this one time I was at Gardens Mall for a job. Finding the exact shop lot was already difficult for me as I needed to ask the locals around on the navigation to the shop. The distance from the carpark to the shopping mall is extremely far. Am I the only one who is feeling this? Normally, I always practice where I will take a picture of the floor of where I parked, just in case I actually forgot where I parked. But the scary thing is, even if I have taken a picture of where I parked, navigating myself to the actual place and floor of where I parked is another thing. I still remember the fear I was experiencing when I got lost at the parking lot. I was looking for my car everywhere. I even walk back to the original location that I went to just to try and see if I can remember the route to the carpark.

Do you want to know what is worse? When malls do not have the Digital Signage Kiosk Malaysia that you are looking for. Have you ever come across a situation where you got lost at the shopping mall, then you are looking for the navigation menu in the shopping mall so you can know where to go to the shop lot of your choice. You look around and around and around for it. Then suddenly, you saw a Digital Signage Kiosk. You start to have hope in you, you feel happy, you finally feel safe. You hurriedly walk to the digital signage kiosk only to find that the digital signage kiosk is a digital advertisement board. Does the mall management want us to play a real-life maze? Please do not play with our hearts as not all of us have a strong heart to handle this scariness.

Shopping malls should include a navigation menu on every floor for the mall visitors as it can be helpful for us just in case we get lost. If worse comes to worst, there is not a sign of a navigation menu, try looking for the information counter, they will help you out with the best of their ability. Have you ever got lost in the shopping mall before? Not a pleasant experience, huh? Future malls should be more people-friendly for the likes of us.

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