How Unifi Internet Offers the Smartest Solutions Now

Streaming, working from home, connected objects … the digital performance of your home, in other words the quality of its Internet connection, is an asset for better sales. Here’s how to promote it in your ad.

internet connection

For 8 out of 10 individual, having a quality internet connection in their home is a criterion of choice when buying. According to this recent OpinionWay Group survey dating from November 2020, the digital performance of a property has become a purchasing criterion in the same way as the location, the number of rooms or even the amount of sunshine. So, boost your chances of selling quickly and well by promoting this asset in your ad and during visits. You can now check out unifi malaysia.

Is your home connected? Let it be known

The quality of the internet connection in a home has become much more than simple comfort. For many people, it is as important as water or electricity. Shop online, work remotely, download videos or music? Having broadband at home like TM UniFi can clearly weigh in the balance when choosing your future home. So, as soon as you write your text ad, don’t forget to highlight the quality of your internet access, like each of the other assets of your house or your apartment. Also remember to mention this point during visits.

The Right Internet Solution

The Internet connection type EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile) also has a symmetrical and stable speed, which belongs to the IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet) standard. Based on a smaller number of copper pairs, this type of connection can prove to be more advantageous than SDSL, offering higher speeds (from 5 to 18Mb / s).

  • Depending on business needs, there is a suitable type of Internet connection. To route voice (VoIP), IP telephony, VPN links between several sites or for those who have upstream speed needs (i.e. sending large data), the SDSL or EFM solutions may be ideal.

This is for downstream speed needs (data downloading) or classic Internet use, this will surely be the most suitable ADSL. And finally, for ever larger flow volumes, it will be rather optical fiber that can meet your needs. All you have to do is make your choice, or pair them for an even better Internet connection.