How to avoid being a victim of online scams?

What is an online scam?

Online scam is one of the cybercriminals on the Internet where the scammers will use a different method of scams to get the money from their victims. The online scam can be in various ways such as SMS messages, phishing emails, phone calls from unknown people and many more.  The main purpose of their scheme can be from taking your money from your bank account to identity theft which they get their victim’s user login and passwords and use the account for their own desire.

How to avoid being a victim of online scams?

As the user of the Internet, we have to be smart and be careful by these scammers. There are many ways to prevent ourselves from being the victim of the online scams.

  1. Take a careful look at the phone number before accepting the call

When you receive a call from an unknown number, don’t accept the call yet. Take a look at their phone number. If you feel suspicious or the numbers are quite weird, don’t accept the call. The scammers are usually using a non-ordinary number that you often saw. To make it easy, don’t accept any calls that are not from your contacts or someone that you know.

  1. Don’t share any personal information.

Usually, scammers will disguise as a government official or bank staff to get your personal information such as your bank account number, online banking password, your identity card number and many more. All this information is strictly private and never share it with any people. They might use it for their crime or disguised as ourselves to do their dirty jobs. If they do asking for your personal information, it is better for you to hang up the call or just do not have contact with them.

  1. Take note of the scammer’s information

When you are contacting the scammers, you can ask for their information details such as their phone number, their workplace, their ID number or else. After that, you can check if the information is legit or fake by calling the official company to make sure. If it was fake, you can report to the authorities and call the scammers back for further explanation.

  1. Don’t download any suspicious app.

Sometimes, scammers want you to download an app that requires you to claim your prize. Do not download it as it may be their scheme to get access to your information from your phone. It is because the app may have some malware or spyware that will leak your information to the scammers. Make sure to check if the app is genuine from the official company. Besides, you can go download 918kaya Malaysia to win some prize because it is legit and official. 

In conclusion, we must be careful and think smart if these situations happen to us. As the user of the Internet, we have to take some precautions when using the Internet to avoid any unfortunate things to happen. Remember to follow these steps to prevent ourselves from being one of the victims of online scams.