How To Choose Fittings For Reinforced Plastic Pipes?

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One of the most popular materials for the pipeline is metal-plastic pipes. Metal-plastic is used for almost all types of internal communications: primarily in water supply systems: cold and hot, in heating systems, etc. At the same time, the service life of metal-plastic pipes significantly exceeds the usual metal ones. Reinforced-plastic pipes have a complex structure.

Pipe connection methods

In practice, these are aluminum pipes covered with plastic. Aluminum provides the necessary strength and flexibility, plastic protects the metal part.

Pipes can be connected in different ways, but the most common way is the use of fittings. The word “fitting” is English, which translates as “collect” or “fit”.

The use of fittings is necessary in places of bends, branches, as well as changes in diameter.

Before you start installing and using Threaded Fittings Malaysia, you need to figure out what types of fittings can be used in practice.

The modern building materials market offers two main types of fittings – compression (mechanical) fittings and press fittings. What are these devices and how to use them?

Compression fittings

Compression fittings are the simplest type of fittings and are also very easy to install. These fittings are also called mechanical or compression fittings.

All fitting parts are collapsible, which is very convenient for repeated installation. If you plan to change part of the pipeline or are not sure about the correct installation, then your choice is exactly the compression fittings.

At the same time, the manufacturers claim that the tightness of the pipeline is not lost. No special tools are required for fitting the fitting. To do this, it is enough to have the usual set of wrenches, which are in every home.

With all its conveniences, there are a number of disadvantages, the most important of which is that this type of fittings requires constant monitoring and care of parts.

Fittings should be checked and nuts must be tightened from time to time. Due to the need for constant care, hiding communications is impractical.

It is best to keep fittings in a location that is easy to inspect and maintain.

Press fittings

Unlike crimp fittings, press fittings can only be fastened once. Installation of the fitting in compliance with all technology leads to the creation of a very tight connection.

However, it is impossible to dismantle the fitting without damaging the part. The fitting does not require any special maintenance. This makes the fitting indispensable for use in a connection that must be durable, does not require disassembly.

These qualities are required for hidden communications, for example, embedded in walls or for underfloor heating. A significant disadvantage of this type of fittings is that for their installation you need a special tool, the so-called press tongs, the acquisition of which requires considerable expenses.

The jaw crimps the fitting in such a way that the connection is almost invisible.

The choice of fittings is an important point in any installation of pipelines and it is necessary to evaluate all the positive and negative sides of different types of fittings in order to fully use them.

Threaded Fittings Malaysia