How to Choose The Best Logistics Company in Labuan?

Few people are aware that Malaysia’s logistics industry is rapidly expanding. The logistics service industry sector even has a positive impact on Malaysia’s economic growth. This is also aided by the growth of various online businesses that necessitate the services of The Best Logistics Company in Labuan.

Best Logistics Company in Labuan

What Exactly is The Best Logistics Company in Labuan?

A logistics service company is one that focuses on providing transportation services or shipping goods. The service is then added by picking up the package of goods to be shipped. In addition to acting as a delivery company, there are those who provide warehouse services to store customer stock., a logistics company that provides warehouse services, is one of them. This type of service company is critical in maintaining supply chains to various regions. A logistics company can ensure that the goods arrive at their destination on time.

Types of Logistic Company

According to the data, Best Logistics Company in Labuan provides a variety of services. They provide the following activities:

  • Best Logistics Company in Labuan has only one service, such as warehouse management or courier services, as its Lead Service Provider or Basic Service.
  • The second company, Three Party Logistics, provides warehouse and forwarding services before collaborating with transportation companies. The goal is to get the goods to their destination.
  • The third point to mention is that all goods distribution processes are handled by a single Best Logistics Company in Labuan.
Best Logistics Company in Labuan

How to Score the Best Logistics Company in Labuan?

Now that Malaysia Logistics Companies are more diverse, each one must provide the best service possible. But, aside from service, what are the indicators that a logistics firm is the best? Several factors can be considered when determining the Best Logistics Company in Labuan, including:

  • Goods arrive in the hands of consumers without any damage.
  • Delivery time is as promised, the sooner the better.
  • It is easy to track or check receipts, so that customers have clear information regarding the package of goods.
  • Prices or shipping costs are relatively cheap according to the estimated time promised.
  • Good technology features to access the various services that the company has.
  • Labuan’s logistics companies have branch offices in big cities in various regions.
  • In addition to prioritizing customers, logistics service companies must also prosper all their employees to foster trust from the public or customers.

List of the Best Logistics Company in Labuan

The development of the world of logistics, makes many companies grow. However, there are several companies that can be judged as the best companies, namely:

Bollore Logistic

Company NameBollore Logistics
Company AddressNo 3, 2nd Floor Shermadef Commercial Centre,Kg Patau Patau, Jalan Rancha – Rancha, 87008, Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan
Contact Person+6087 443 650

DB Logistic

Company Address87000 Labuan, Labuan Federal Territory
Contact Person+6087-415 167

TOS Logistics

Company NameTOS Logistics & Shipping Sdn.Bhd
Company AddressLot 16 , O & G SEC Lazenda Warehouse, 700, 87000, Labuan Federal Territory
Contact Person+6087-429 989


In brief, Best Logistics Company in Labuan, the party who helps all logistics operational activities. From planning, implementing and executing the storage movement of products, materials and services throughout the supply chain from point of origin to point of consumption. This planning includes transportation, shipping, warehousing, packaging, and security.