How To Start Your Own Blog

If you are someone that loves to write and journal down every detail of your life, maybe you should start your own blog. Nowadays there are many bloggers that have becomes successful with their blogging career. Back then people use blogs to write a story and make it a hobby but now, many people use the opportunities to start blogging to generate income out of it. 

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Here are some steps that you can follow to start your own blog. 

  1. Choose a blog name 

Before making your own blog, you need to make sure that you have a special and unique name for your blog. Your blog name must be simple to remember and once people see your blog names they know what content you are writing on your blog. Some people like to add the word “MY” or “BEST” to their blog names. It is also a great idea to put your own name on the blog because this way people will recognize your blog more. 

  1. Get your blog online 

Once you have created your blog account make sure that it can be found online. Another way for you to generate income from your blog is to make sure that your blog is being registered under the Goggle Adsense, once they have approved your account you will be able to generate your own income from your blog. Imagine gaining income from just sitting down and write about whatever you want. 

  1. Create a content 

There are plenty of blogs on the Internet, you will want your blog content to be different and unique from other people’s blogs. You need to make you that you are always aware of the current issues and trends, this way you will have more ideas for the content of your blog. Besides that, you also need to think outside of the box for the content of your blog. You can write about your own personal story or you can share family recipes (make sure you ask your grandparents about this) whatever it is, you want your story to be informative and interesting for people to read. Having great content for your blog will create a strong base of readers. 

  1. Promote your blog

It is important for you to be promoting your blog on every social media you have. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others. Let people know that you have your own blog and you need their support to read about your blog. You can also use the branding companies Malaysia, to help you make a brand of yourself for your blog. 

  1. Pictures 

Other than words, pictures can attract people’s interest and attention. So, when you are writing your blog content make sure that you have an interesting picture to put in the blog. It is better if you can use your own pictures and not something that can be found on Google images. This way people can see and imagine more about the content of the article. For example, if you are writing about recipes it’ll be better if you can include the picture of the foods, this way people will be more intrigued to make that food by themselves.