Insurance Policy for Total Permanent Disability in Malaysia?

Yes, we often heard about how insurance can cover up the total costs of any disease treatments given by the hospital but what about the total permanent disability? Most people in fact are not really aware and alert on this to be cautious if there are any accidents happening in the future that will cause the permanent disability on them. Instead of that, most of the people in Malaysia do not really think that taking insurance for the family members or themselves are not important, hence why we can find so many cases that are related to accidents without any insurance cover. 

If you are still hesitant in deciding what kind of insurance cover you should take for yourself, do buy an insurance policy for total permanent disability in Malaysia; AmMetLife, which will benefit you a lot in the future. The most important investment that will be worth your money is actually when it is your health and wellbeing in the future, as we will not be able to predict the future except be ready for it. AmMetLife would be the best choice for your insurance plan as it covers almost everything for family and wealth. These are the reason why you should choose AmMetLife:

It Covers The Death and Total Permanent & Disability (TPD)

FlexiTermLife that will be available to individuals aged from 30 days to age 59 (next birthday) will be paying you the 100% of benefits upon death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) to you or your family, which you rarely found in another insurance plan. AmMetLife also offers you the lowest minimum Basic Sum Assured that will only cost you RM25,000 meanwhile, the maximum Basic Sum Assured will be subjected to the applicable underwriting requirements of AmMetLife Insurance Berhad. What is good about the plan that has been offered by this insurance is you have options for the premium payment term which are for 5 to 10 years or 20 years. 

Total Cover For The Whole Family Members and Health.

AmMetLife is an insurance plan that will cover almost everything including your family, health and for your future, which will benefit you a lot for a guaranteed future. Insurance plan for your family will eventually be beneficial as it is payable to your family members if something happens to you in the future. Other than that, there is also an insurance cover for health which we can obviously see how this insurance plan is worth the investment instead of covering the TPD. 

It Protects Your Future and Wealth

This insurance is definitely the best choice a person could have as it not only covers life, but it also covers up on future and wealth to avoid any unexpected crisis. Apparently, there are six plans or packages that will cover up on the wealth which are: WealthMaster, WealthEnrich, AmCapital, WealthSecure Smart, WealthSecure Max and AmMetLife Wealth.


Indeed, to expect the unexpected, an insurance plan is crucial to be taken by everyone to ensure a guaranteed and better future, and the best choice would be AmMetLife Insurance.