Perfect Johor Bahru Properties As Per Your Options

The choice to buy houses like Johor Bahru properties scared you until before reading this guide, but now you feel safe and aware? Very well, then we have succeeded in our initial intent. Our desire was precisely to make you aware and autonomous to face such an important and delicate moment as that of the first real estate purchase.

While reading, you will certainly have grasped the right ideas to better inform yourself and avoid making false steps. In any case, however, the only advice we feel we can reiterate are those related to the choice of entrusting yourself to an expert professional in the sector who can follow the practice with you and that of not making risky choices dictated by the emotion of having viewed a ” beautiful house”.

The Initial Search Phase

During the initial phase of the search, it is very likely that you will think that you have found the right house just because it has hit your heart: we agree that the search should not take years, but always keep in mind the concept that by committing to a real estate purchase, you are probably choosing to spend the rest of your life in that housing solution (barring unexpected changes, of course).

Do you want to rent an apartment according to an ad, but have never done it before? Here are some tips on where to start, what to ask your landlord, what to sign.

What should be done?

  • Go to a site with a large number of rental ads in your city. Sort the ads by area, price, number of rooms, so you don’t have to look through thousands of apartments that don’t suit you a priori.
  • The announcement can be placed on behalf of the owner, private realtor or agency. In the last two cases, be prepared to pay a commission of 100% of the rental price, less often 50%. It is often possible to find out who the author of the ad is only by contacting him.

Call or write to the specified contacts, find out the floor and number of storeys of the building, whether the Internet is connected, clarify whether the cost of rent includes payment for electricity and water supply, how telephone calls will be paid. Usually tenants pay for these services separately, according to the meter readings. Thus, tenants usually pay for utilities another 1-2 thousand rubles per month in excess of the rental rate. Find out if there is a concierge at the entrance and who will pay for his services.

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