Select your imported fruits like an expert

The imported fruits that are currently imported to Panama are becoming more popular every day. The variety is wide and some can be mentioned are apples, pears, plums, grapes, exotic fruits such as figs, and guavas. The most popular are grapes, pears, and apples, of which can be discussed how to select them and make sure that you pay for the quality, which corresponds.
The importation of products occurs simply because they are products that are not available in your country, but they become so popular that obtaining them is easier every day.
Apples: The variety is wide and it can be mentioned as the most popular. Red delicious, a red apple that can come in various sizes, from a size 198, 113, and up to a size 72. These numbers simply indicate the number of units that a box has and is the way to select them by size, so to a larger number of units smaller size. Of this particular variety, the red apple is the most popular and its intense red color is also an indication of the quality or degree of quality that has been given to it. You can find several types of qualities and a perfect indicative is a color. The better color the better classification to export. Apples with variability in their coloration have lower grades on the classification scale.
Other less popular, but increasingly important varieties are Golden Delicious (yellow apple), Granny Smith (green apple), Roma apple, Gala, and Fuji.
Pears: Within the variety of pears can be mentioned the most popular, the Anjou. This variety is the most imported during the year; according to the season, you can get other less popular ones. The secret is to have soft and juicy fruit. Pears are generally easily injured and handling a ripe or ready-to-eat product makes it difficult to display it perfectly. The sizes used are around 110 units per box.
Tip: gently press the pear with your thumb, if it feels when pressing this ripe.
Grapes: The Best OnGrocer Fresh Vegetables have seedless grapes on offer. The most popular variety is the Red Globe and ranges from 21 to 27 mm. To select grapes be sure to feel firm and avoid excess shelled grapes.

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