The thing that you should consider before renting a house

Hello there! Considering renting a house because you can not afford to buy a house or do not want to take the risk to buy a house?  Here are 6 things that you need to consider before renting a house to make sure you do not regret rent it because there are many people out there that really regret after they rent the house because they did not consider these 6 things before the move in such as locations, price, tenant’s dos, and don’t house condition, and landlords.

  1. Check if the house really existing

If you see the advertisement for the rent house online it is very important for you to see it by yourself in real life because there are might have a chance that people might fake it. There are many people deceived and they realized it after they transfer the money to the landlord.

  1. Location

You need to consider the location whether it is near to your workplace or not. If you rent far from your workplace you need to consider transportation to go to the workplace such as money that you need to spent to transport or to buy fuel for your transport. Other than that, you also need to consider the benefit and the accommodation at that place such as it has a playground that you children can play with other children and also the safety at the place. Is there have any guard and if do not is the place secure for your family or even your self especially when you live alone.

  1. Tenant’s do and don’t

Before you move in, ask the landlord what you can do and donts because some landlord really chatty about their house like can not patch or paint anything on their wall. Some landlord also do not give their tenant to cook at that house because they really take care of their kitchen. 

  1. Landlords

See the landlord’s reputation, some landlord has a really bad reputation so make sure you check the landlord’s reputation before you do the final deal and decide to rent the house. You also can consider searching house at the segambut by typing segambut house for rentat google, there are many houses for rent that available so choose which one you want. 

  1. Price

This is really important, you need to consider the price after checking all these things. You must think properly do you really afford to rent that house or need to look at another house that is much affordable than that one. In this part, you really need to think carefully and also check your salary if you really can afford that or not after deducting all the expenses for traveling to work. 

Here comes the conclusion, after you see and consider all these 6 things then you can rent that house. If you do not consider all these 6 things you might regret renting it because you not going to stay there just for 2 or 3 days but for months and maybe years. If you would like to know about market condition, you can click here.