Things To Do After The Pandemic Is Over

As all of us know, we are still living amongst a pandemic. Unless you’re a front-liner helping Covid-19 patients or providing services for those at home, you’re probably the ones at home, as you should be. You see, a lot of the outbreaks or clusters happened because of people who were stubborn enough to not follow standard procedures and still went out, the worse ones go out without a mask on. A lot of people argue that it should be their choice whether they want to wear a mask or not but be considerate for the people around you and yourself. A mask reduces the chances of you catching the virus or transferring the virus so it’s for safety measures. Thus, go with the proper procedures when you want to go out and only go out for necessities or emergencies. 

Nonetheless, the people who have actually been staying at home are trying their best to occupy themselves so that they would not feel the urge to go outside. Some people take up cooking as a new hobby with their family, some pick up new skills like crocheting or painting. People are just trying whatever they are able to try. But surely, you’ve thought about what you want to do once we’ve beaten the pandemic right? That being said, if you have no idea, then here are some activities that might pique your interests:

Visit Your Family

Some of us had the time to go back to our family home before any lockdown was announced. However, a lot of us are stuck in rentals or separate living areas due to work or studies. For instance, by the first lockdown or quarantine, a lot of students were stuck on their campuses because they couldn’t head back. Even if they studied in Kuala Lumpur but lived in Teluk Panglima Garang, they couldn’t go home because that would be crossing states. No matter how near Teluk Panglima Garang is, crossing states was banned so they would still be stuck on campus. Thus, if you have not gotten the chance to see your family other than over video call, the first thing you should do as the lockdown lifts is to go see them. 


Yes, you should absolutely travel to your heart’s content! After you have met up with your family, caught up and cured your homesickness, go ahead and travel. Pack your bags, take a person with you or even go on your own and choose a location you’ve been wanting to visit. It could be in the same country or a different one, it’s your choice. Moreover, you could even decide whether to stay for long or just overnight, the pandemic would be over anyway so go ahead.

Do The Things You Like

Last but not least, just do what you’ve been wanting to do. Go to shopping malls, visit your friends, go to a concert or even attend any event that you like. Do all the things you weren’t able to do during the pandemic. Live your life!