Things You Need To Know About The Ocean

If you feel like you have explored most of the ocean, think again. Even the best marine biologists or people who work in marine solution Malaysia have not explored all of the ocean. A majority of our society does not even know half of what is considered general knowledge of the ocean. This is probably because nature documentaries have been recently deemed boring. People don’t really watch documentaries for fun anymore and only those who are really interested would watch. However, there are at least a few things that you have to know about the ocean. This is simply general knowledge but a lot of people still are not aware of it. Here are some facts about the ocean that everyone should know:

The Ocean Is A Big Part Of The Earth

I think this fact is a little bit more well known than others but yes, despite the name of our planet being Earth, 70 per cent of our planet is made up of water. Furthermore, over 96 per cent of that water is the ocean. I wouldn’t say “our oceans” because that’s quite literally how we can address the ocean. This is because there is only one ocean and it is really big. 

We Only Know A Very Small Part

Following the previous fact of how most of our planet is the ocean, we’ve only discovered 5 per cent of that ocean. That’s a really little part. Yet people often think that we have conquered the world somehow. We need to realize that we are still somewhat small in this world. There are so many depths that humans can’t reach because of how pressure increases and it may cause damages to our body. Plus, there are only a handful of underwater vehicles that can travel to great depths. Moreover, the ocean, where it’s deeper and no light can reach it, is pitch black. You won’t be able to see anything. That’s one of the other reasons that people have not ventured further and we have only discovered 5 per cent of the ocean.

Sharks Are Actually Important

Sharks, may we know it or not, are pretty important to the ocean’s ecosystem. Since sharks are at the top of the food chain, it would be a catastrophe if we took them out of the picture. This is because, if they were, there would be possibilities of a lot of species being extinct which would slowly destroy everything else in a domino effect. 

We Need To Change

As the beings who are responsible for most of the damage done to this Earth, we should take responsibility in trying to save it too. For instance, we should stop polluting the ocean, start cleaning it up bit by bit so that we can save a lot of aquatic species and we get to continue depending on our ocean. We depend on the ocean for a lot of things. So, let’s treat the ocean with respect.