Treating Sore Nipples: The Causes and How To Treat Them

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Mothers who are currently breastfeeding might be facing this situation which is getting sore nipples. Studies stated that there are a few reasons why sore nipples can happen and of course, there are ways to overcome it from occurring. One of the common ways to treat them is by using breastfeeding cream. It is usually used to avoid cracked and dry nipples apart from preventing them from being sore. If any of you are looking for one, you can find the best breastfeeding cream from Lansinoh. There are other ways to treat them and those would be discussed further in this post. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any of these. 

The Causes

Everything happens for a reason. There are many reasons that contribute to sore nipples and these are among the common reasons:

  1. Improper latch on

A proper latch-on is crucial in making sure that breastfeeding is a success. Both mothers and babies have to practice getting the correct latch. Most of the time, this happens due to a lack of experience, especially from new mothers. Babies can encounter many problems latching. Typically, the prominent problem is a latch is too shallow for the baby. What you have to do is to ensure that your baby and your breast hook up perfectly. If you feel any pain while breastfeeding, it simply means that your baby is not latching correctly. This would cause pain and soreness to your nipples and they can be bruised too. 

  1. Dry skin
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When you have dry skin, it would cause the body part that is affected, for instance, in this matter your breasts become irritated and would cause soreness. This can happen due to many factors such as skin ageing, medical conditions, and frequent bathing. Sometimes, it can also happen due to the usage of unsuitable hygiene products such as shampoo and body wash. 

  1. Teething

As the name suggests, teething means the pressure that your baby experiences from his or her first baby teeth. They can start teething from the age of three to four months. Teething is one of the reasons why they bite and chew on your nipples. It is a way to relieve the displeasure. Among the signs that your baby is going through teething is when the gum looks red and sore in the area of the tooth. Other than that, they develop a rash on the face and they often chew things. That is when you have to be careful because they might bite and chew on your nipples. 

How To Treat Them?

The pain that mothers feel is unbearable. There are several ways how to both prevent and treat the soreness.

  • Use Breastfeeding or Nipples Cream
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If you have dry skin, it is best to use nipple cream to avoid your nipples from cracking. This cream is intended to help mothers to prevent cracking, itchy and bleeding nipples. They function by easing the are affected and providing moisture to prevent dryness. It is best to use non-fragrance cream in case your skin is not suitable for it. 

  • Try New Nursing Positions

There are several positions where you can try breastfeeding your baby. You might not get used to some of them at first, but by trying, you can at least reduce the risk of getting soreness because of the latch-on of your baby. 

If you are having these difficulties, it is quite normal as one of the challenges in breastfeeding a baby. If these techniques do not work, you can always refer to the doctor or to those who are qualified.