Why A Good Logo Is Important For Branding

Logos are the first things that people see. It is the first call to action that anyone sees. They are meant to stimulate you, convey a message and improve the recollection of the brand messages. How many of us can say we have never been hungry after seeing a KFC logo on a billboard? Not many. We know KFC is crunchy, yummy fried chicken made to our taste. The logo is so familiar to people, it does not even need its own introduction. Similarly, coca-cola and its logo are one of the world’s most recognized and popular logos. In Fact, the word coca-cola is so famous that it is lined up with words like “hello” and “mother”. 

But sometimes getting a good logo is not an easy task. It is time-consuming and expensive. So is the money and hassle worth the logo? Is it wise to include Malaysia branding agencies in your creation of a good brand logo? Why is it so important to have a credible, good, quality logo for your business? The reasons are not only limited to the development of recognition. So, here are some crucial reasons why a good logo is important! 

Crucial To Your Brand Identity

When building a brand, a lot of elements go into the cultivation of a proper brand identity. The brand identity is responsible for the recognition and recollection of the brand among people. And the brand identity also seals the credibility of the brand.  When you build a business, it is important to put a familiar face to your business and in this case, a face cannot be built without a good logo. A good-looking face can be memorable and attractive to customers.  

Makes Your Business Trustworthy 

How can people trust a brand when it does not look professional? And what is the first step of creating professionalism around your brand? It’s creating a logo and crafting messages based on the identity. When you have a sense of professionalism in your businesses, people will be likely to be drawn towards you. They will stay away from businesses that have no sense of branding or have logos that are tasteless. 

Creates A Competitive Advantage

When thinking about which business to choose, customers also think about which one has the most appealing look. Your logo matters when it comes to creating a distinctive advantage for yourself over your competitors. For example, Target, an American retail corporation is recognizable all over the world despite not even having Target in some of these locations. The logo is distinctive and recognized so when it comes down to choosing between retailers, we may or may not choose target since the brand is salient in our minds.  

Improve Loyalty And Relationships 

Have you seen some amazing brands with impeccable brand loyalty? Like Apple. Apple’s branding is not that unique or different. In fact, it is quite simple. They work around creating a perfect relationship with their customers by investing in customer relationship management. But to build upon their CRM tools, and be a face to their customers, they need a logo. They need employees wearing the logo. They need the logo on billboards, and every other platform to make sure people are aware of it. This way consumers are more likely to feel closer to your brand, most certainly because of the familiarity and the recognition.